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Build Your Own

Regular - 3 Ounces of Protein $10.95 | Large - 4 Ounces of Protein $11.95
Extra Protein $1.50
Extra Avocado, Seaweed Salad, Masago $.50

Step 1:Choose Your Base

White Rice, Brown Rice, Nacho Chips, Taco Shells, Tortilla Wrap, Mixed Greens, Seaweed Wrap, Soy Wrap, and Quinoa 

Step 2: Choose Your Proteins

Ahi Tuna, Yellow Tail, Salmon, Albacore, Spicy Tuna, Octopus, Scallop, Surimi Crab, Spicy Surimi Crab, Shrimp, Shrimp Tempura, Unagi, Baked Salmon, Tofu, Grilled Chicken,

Step 3: Choose Your Sauce

Spicy Mayo, Ponzu Garlic, Lime Ponzu, Creamy Wasabi, Wasabi Ranch, Signature Sauce, Screaming O, Cilantro Jalapeno, Ginger Twist, Unagi, Teriyaki, Poke, Yum Yum

Step 4: Choose Your Toppings

Cream cheese, Masago, Seaweed salad, Mango, Avocado, Pico De Gallo, Jalapeno, Mixed greens, Lemon Bites, Chickpeas, Shredded cabbage, Sweet Onion, Cucumber, Scallions, Edamame, Kimchi, Cilantro, Pineapple, Carrot, Dicon radish, Wasabi, Pickled ginger, Sweet corn.

Step 5: Condiments

Roasted Shallots, Roasted Garlic, Furikake, Rice Puffs, Roasted Sesame Seeds, Crushed Pepper Flakes, Chilli Threads, Pickled Ginger, Wasabi, Wonton Crunch.

Signature Dishes

Choose Any Base

$9.951. Aloha Sunset

Salmon, Surimi Crab, Spicy Mayo Sauce, Ponzu Garlic Sauce, Avocado, Sweet Onion, Cucumber, Scallions, Pineapple, Rice Puffs

$11.954. Rainbow Creation

Tun, Yellowtail, Salmon, Creamy Wasabi Sauce, Cilantro Jalapeno Sauce, Masago, Avocado, Pico de Gallo, Lemon Bites, Sweet Onion, Cucumber, Furikake

$9.952. Golden Knight

Surimi Crab, Shrimp Tempura, Spicy Mayo Sauce, Signature Sauce Mixed Greens, Sweet Onion, Cucumber, Scallions, Cilantro, Furikake

$10.955. Yum Yum

Shrimp, Surimi Crab, Yum Yum Sauce, Masago, Avocado, Pico de Gallo, Cream Cheese, Cucumber, Roasted Sesame, Wonton Crunch

$9.953. Paradise of Fire

Spicy Tuna, Spicy Surimi Crab, Spicy Mayo Sauce, Masago, Jalapeno, Lemon Bites, Cucumber, Scallions, Chili Threads, Poke Seasoning Mix

$10.956. Wrath

Spicy Tuna, Salmon, Cilantro Jalapeno Sauce, Mixed Greens, Avocado, Lemon Bites, Sweet Onion, Cucumber, Edamame, Cilantro, Rice Puffs

House Specials

$6.951. California Roll

Surimi Crab, Teriyaki Sauce, Masago, Avocado, Cucumber, Sesame Seeds

$6.953. Two Poke Tacos

Spicy Tuna, Spicy Surimi Crab, Ponzu Garlic Sauce, Masago, Pico de Gallo, Jalapeno, Cabbage Sweet Onion, Scallions, Roasted Sesame Seeds

$6.952. Nebula Roll

Spicy Tuna, Spicy Surimi Crab, Unagi Sauce, Sriracha Chili Sauce, Avocado, Cream Cheese, Cabbage, Wonton Crunch, Shallots

$6.954. Poke Nachos

Spicy Surimi Crab, Salmon, Cilantro Jalapeno Sauce, Masago, Mango, Cilantro, Pineapple, Roasted Garlic

Vegan Items

$7.95Dragon Poke

Tofu, Mixed Greens, Cucumber, Pineapple, Radish, Sweet Onions, Avocado, Roasted Shallots, Furikake, Ponzu Garlic Sauce, Ginger Twist Sauce.

$7.95Buddaha Poke

Mixed Greens, Carrots, Chickpeas, Sweet Onion, Avocado, Scallions, Roasted Shallots, Ginger Twist Sauce.

$7.95Pineapple Poke

Mixed Greens, Pineapple, Edamame, Cucumber, Avocado, Sweet Onions, Scallions, Lemon bites, Cilantro Jalapeno Sauce.

$7.95Vegan Poke

Mixed Greens, Tofu, Radish, Avocado, Cucumber, Edamame, Roasted Sesame Seeds, Unagi Sauce.

Poké Bowls

Extra Scoop of Protein $1.50
Extra Avocado, Seaweed or Masago $.50


3 Scoops of Protein


4 Scoops of Protein

Kid's Menu

$7.85Jr. Poke Bowl

2 Proteins, 2 Toppings, & Small Drink.

$7.85Jr. Wrap

2 Proteins, 2 Toppings, & Small Drink.

$7.85Jr. Salad

2 Proteins, 2 Toppings, & Small Drink.

Guilty Pleasures

Thrifty Ice Cream
1 Scoop $1.75
2 Scoops $2.95
3 Scoops $4.75
Add topping for .50 each

Coconut Pineapple

Pecan Praline

Vanilla Bean


Chocolate Malt Krunch


Chocolate Brownie

Green Tea


Fountain Drink

Small $1.65 | Large $1.95

Bottled Water

Small $1.75| Large $2.95


$1.99Arizona Tea/Gatorade

$2.50Honest Tea

$2.75Sparkling Water

Fresh Crushed Juices

Watermelon, Cucumber Mint, Pineapple
16 oz. $3.75 | 24 oz. $4.25

$3.00Bai Antioxidant

$2.50Martinelli's Apple Juice

$3.15Coconut Water 16.9 oz

*Consuming raw or under cooked foods of animal origin increases the risk of food borne illnesses in some individuals.